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Haley Chui

Artist based in Hong Kong.

  She is formerly a school teacher. Although she had little prior experience in drawing and did not study art during her school years, her artistic journey began unexpectedly after a profound personal experience.

  Starting out as a handicraft artist, she founded a brand "Beloved one in a million", creating hand-painted jewellery as well as a variety of lifestyle products. In just a few years, she has held two solo exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions. Her medium of creation is mainly acrylic.

  Initially, her approach to painting was casual, but gradually, it evolved into something much more profound. Painting became a window into her mind, enabling her to perceive the beauty of her own surroundings. She realized that she had never truly appreciated the captivating landscapes of her city—Hong Kong, a place brimming with natural splendour. Over the past couple of years, her focus shifted towards capturing the essence of landscapes, believing them to be a universal language of human connection. Through her landscape paintings, she elegantly traces the contours of cherished memories and inner emotions. Each artwork serves as a glimpse into her personal journey as an artist, unveiling her inner world. The vibrant colours she employs in her art reflect the intricate tapestry of emotions she harbours towards her city. They encapsulate the artist's delicate and intertwined thoughts, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own sentiments. In her work, she seamlessly blends the depiction of landscapes with the expression of her innermost self, creating a harmonious fusion of external and internal realms.


Latest Exhibitions


Group Exhibition - Enchantée, French May, Galerie Koo, Hong Kong

Group Exhibition - Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Town Hall, London, UK



Solo Exhibition – 這個城市 這樣美麗, B’IN CO-OP. Hong Kong

Group Exhibition - Uniquely Hong Kong Art Exhibition, Fringe Club, Hong Kong

Group Exhibition - Chilling French五月: 紅白藍三部曲, Hong Kong



Solo Exhibition – From Blind to Bright, Mini Hotel. Hong Kong

Group Exhibition - Body Art 4, Jackson Lee Arts Centre & Gallery. Hong Kong



Group Exhibition - Body Art 3, Jackson Lee Arts Centre & Gallery. Hong Kong

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